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Serra NSB Cream


Serra NSB Cream

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Serra NSB Cream was created for those suffering from Sensitive Skin Syndrome (SSS), a diagnosable associated neuro-sensitivity condition. If who’ve experienced some relief with a Serra product and need more help in alleviating hypersensitivity.

Main ingredients

Ceramide-P, Niacinamide, Amino Acids and Shea Butter.

How to use Serra NSB

Serra NSB Cream Application – Once or Twice a day or only when needed

– Cleanse, dry and apply your Skin Essence products.

– Then apply the NSB Cream and massage lightly to allow it to penetrate.

– Use it with Correctives Serums and add a sunscreen during the day.

What does Serra treat?

Itchy, sensitive and dry skin – it’s so powerful, doctors even use it to treat atopic dermatitis. Serra is made with a proprietary type of lipid-restore ingredient – Ceramide-P – that rebuilds your skin barrier (the root cause of sensitivity and dryness) while it rehydrates for smooth, supple and itch-free skin on your face and all-over body – any time of the year.

How Serra works

By combining advanced hydrating and soothing ingredients – to give you relief in the short term – with proprietary lipid-function-mimicking Ceramide-P to temporarily replace the structures of your skin while it repairs it for the long term, Serra is likely the most advanced solution for dry and sensitive skin.

The barrier-repairing power of Serra

A large portion of the waxy lipids that make up your skin barrier are molecules known as ceramides. We make Serra using specially designed Ceramide-P, a proprietary form of ceramide that’s 100% identical to your body’s own ceramides. This powerful ingredient steps in and fills the “gaps” in your skin barrier, restoring it to lock in moisture and protect from damage.

It also stimulates your body to produce more of its own natural lipids, helping your body rebuild the lipid bilayer and restoring your skin barrier over a short period of use. That’s how Serra treats dry, sensitive and itchy skin, by resolving the root cause of the symptoms.

Serra also soothes, heals and hydrates

In the short term, while it’s helping your body heal the skin barrier, Serra also delivers vital hydration and skin-soothing ingredients. So you see remarkable results almost immediately.

What’s more, Serra soothes and is extremely gentle: It’s colourant-, preservative- and paraben-free, and it helps restore your skin pH levels and hydrates while healing the skin barrier. In fact, it’s so gentle and effective, you can use it to treat atopic dermatitis and help provide relief for a range of dry and sensitive skin conditions, such as eczema.

Using Serra

Serra is a complete sensitive and dry skin range made up of several products (see in detail below). You might need to use all of them, or just one or two. That’s where talking to your skin therapist helps – they’ll do a quick assessment and advise on which products best suit your individual skin needs.

It’s available exclusively through qualified skin professionals. Ask your skin clinic, therapist, doctor or dermatologist about Lamelle Serra.

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