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Fat Freezing, Cavitation, Spider Vein Removal and Vaginal tightening

Cryolipolysis is essentially the process of freezing your fat cells for them to move through the bodies lymph drainage system.

Cavitation treatments with with radio frequency to tighten the skin that is treated with the Cryolipolysis.

Spider Veins are treated with the blasting of the veins with laser, moving the blood through the system and eliminating the unsightly veins. 

Vaginal tightening works by stimulating the muscles that have loosened up by age or childbirth. 

Consultations are essential in assessing what the specific goals and requirements are of our clients. 

Treatment programs and costs are laid out, so there are no surprises. 

Microneedling Bahati Aesthetics Hoedspruit
Cryolypolysis and Cavitation Bahati Aesthetics Hoedspruit

What You Need to Know

All treatments are done by a professionally trained aesthetic technician. A detailed consultation is done prior to the treatments commencing, and a detailed record of all treatments and progress is filed. 

Professional Staff

All of our staff are trained in aesthetics with advanced training in body contouring treatments

Advanced Technology

We use the latest machinery and technology available in the industry, and made available to you

Free No-Obligation consultations

Call us to set up a consultation

Affordable Prices

We aim to be as cost effective as possible, and still offer the best treatment available

Our bodies slim and tighten up over a period of time. All treatments are there to accelerate the cm loss and assist in weight loss programs. All treatments work better with a calorie controlled diet and daily exercise. 

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We can treat most areas. There are some troublesome spots that collect fatty deposits, that can achieve great results.  

We do laser hair removal and cosmetic dermatology treatments, you can see more here