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Bahati Aesthetics micro needling fraxel chemical peels acne pigmentation anti-ageing

Our Service

Microneedling, Fraxel and Skin Peels

For the treatment of scars, pigmentation, acne scars, and anti-ageing. 

We offer a variety of treatments including micro needling (Dr Pen), fraxel (Laser Needling) and Chemical Peels using the Lamelle Professional Products. 

We start with a free no-obligation consultation to assess your skin and the area you want to treat. 

We offer a solution that will suit your problem and budget. 

Cryolypolysis and Cavitation Bahati Aesthetics Hoedspruit Microneedling

What You Need to Know

Refrain from any sun exposure on your skin prior to the appointment. We use numbing creams on most of the skin treatments, so we build this into the treatment time. 

Do not add any creams or serums to the skin at least 24 hours prior to the treatment.

Professional Staff

All of our staff are trained in aesthetics with advanced training in somatology

Advanced Technology

We use the latest machinery and technology available in the industry, and made available to you

Free No-Obligation consultations

Call us to set up a consultation

Affordable Prices

We aim to be as cost effective as possible, and still offer the best treatment available

Our skin regenerates all the time. Aesthetic treatments get best results from consecutive treatments. 

We can treat any problem area on your body. 

We do laser hair removal, and body contouring treatments, you can see more here