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Laser Hair Removal

Advanced technology means that laser hair removal is no longer painful. The in-motion treatments are faster to do and you can expect the feeling as more of a hot stone massage, than a stinging sensation of the IPL treatments of the past. 

The newer laser technology imakes laser hair removal available to blonde and light hair and darker skin clients. 

Nowadays, laser hair removal treatments work on blonde hair and very dark skin. 

The laser kills the follicle of the hair, and not just damage it. So you drastically reduce the chance of it growing back.

Menopause, pregnancy and puberty may spur some hair growth, but you can be treat the area post the transitional event. 

Pain-free Laser Hair Removal Bahati Aesthetics
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What You Need to Know

If you have been waxing, plucking or threading, you need to have stopped this for at least 6 weeks prior to doing the laser treatment.

You must cleanly shave, or  use a depilatory cream. 

You need to complete the full course of treatments, in the allotted time. A minimum of 4 weeks and maximum of 6 weeks between treatments. 

Professional Staff

All of our staff are trained in aesthetics with advanced training in laser hair removal

Advanced Technology

We use the latest machinery and technology available in the industry, and made available to you

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Affordable Prices

We aim to be as cost effective as possible, and still offer the best treatment available

Our hair grows in 3 stages. We need to treat each stage multiple times, to ensure all hair and follicles have been treated. 

If you skip a session or be out of cycle, it may negatively affect the outcome of the treatment.

Everything. Yes, we treat all genders and all areas. 

Don't be shy to ask for the treatment you want. 

We do body contouring and cosmetic dermatology treatments, you can see more here

It depends on the laser used and the technology of that laser. 

Newer Diode lasers offer a much better result, killing the hair follicle, which does not grow back. 

Each person is different with varying hormone levels. So it is difficult to give a specific number of treatments. 

Laser hair removal uses an infra red light to target the the hair follicle. The hair must be present in the follicle for the laser to work, so don't wax or pluck the area you want to treat  before the treatment. You can shave, use a cream or trim the hair. 

Number of Treatments

The average number of treatments ranges from eight - twelve treatments. This is because at any given time, only a fraction of hairs are in the growing phase (anagen cycle). You can only treat the hair that is in the anagen phase. The rest of the hair is in the resting phase (telogen) and  do not mature pigment at their follicle bulb which is the target for the light. One treatment will sometimes only get 30% of the hairs because only those hairs have enough pigment to be destroyed. If you suffer from hormonal hair growth, or a condition that encourages hair growth, more sessions may be required.


Facial hair is traditionally very difficult to treat as it is hormone dependent. You may need more treatments are needed to treat facial hair and sessions should be one month apart.

Yes, you can shave, use a cream or cut the hair that is above the skin the day of, or day before the session. 

Advances in laser technology makes it effective for all skin colour and hair colour. The pain-free, in-motion laser technology is most effective.

The older technology of IPL lasers felt like an elastic snapping on the skin. The new technology feels more like a cool/warm stone massage on the skin.