Facial aesthetics surgery treatment Dermapen micro needling Cryolypolysis and Cavitation Bahati Aesthetics Hoedspruit

Bahati Aesthetics

The Aesthetics experience you need

We aim to offer our customers an aesthetic experience that works, using the latest technology available for your Pain Free Laser Hair Removal, Skin Treatments and Body Contouring.

Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

We use pain-free technology that kills the hair follicle, for a permanent laser hair removal experience, for all skin and hair colours. 

Experience the laser hair treatments your deserve.

Body Contouring & Cryolypolysis

The non-invasive Fat Freezing process, linked to Cavitation treatment to stimulate fat reduction and weight loss using new technology. 

Vaginal Rejuvenation treatments that are life changing for women.

Dermatology Treatments

A range of skin treatments including Microneedling, Fraxel, and Chemical Peels, using Lamelle Professional Products.

Rejuvenate your natural beauty with treatments that work. 

Facial aesthetics surgery treatment Dermapen micro needling Cryolypolysis and Cavitation Bahati Aesthetics Hoedspruit

Health and Beauty treatments are not a luxury. We aim to offer treatments to improve the lives of our customers every day.  

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Bahati Aesthetics

Our Services

Features & benefits

Pain-free Laser Hair Removal Bahati Aesthetics Man with goggles and bare chest undergoes procedure of arm pit laser epilation in clinic

Laser Hair Removal

Virtually Pain Free Laser Hair Removal that works across all skin and hair colour

Cryolypolysis and Cavitation

Fat Freezing and Skin Tightening Treatments to combat those stubborn areas
Bahati Aesthetics micro needling fraxel chemical peels acne pigmentation anti-ageing

Microneedling and Fraxel

Manage scars, fine lines and improve the texture of your skin with targeted needling

Chemical Peels

Alpha, Beta, Beta Plus, TCA treatments for pigmentation, acne and anti ageing

Our Services

Aesthetic Treatments

All of our treatments include a detailed consultation to address your personal challenges and issues. Speak to us about how we can help you.

Our Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal treatments are available for all skin and hair colours. 

Advanced electronic Microneedling for anti-aging, scar reduction and treatment of fine lines.

Advanced laser needling using a Fraxel Laser for the treatment of scaring, anti-aging and skin repair.

A variety of chemical peels including Alfa Peels, Beta Peels, Hydrating Peels and Lacta-Firm. We use Lamelle Professional Products. 

Cryolypolysis / Fat-Freezing treatments aligned with skin tightening and fat loss treatments.

Permanent removal of spider veins across your face or body, with a low-invasive treatment and little downtime.

Internal vaginal tightening treatments, caused by natural child birth, age or other natural causes. 

We are a proud partner and distributor of Lamelle home care products, including Serra, Clarity, Dermaheal, Luminesce, Nourish, Helase and serums.

Price Lists

Our pricing is per treatment / per session

Laser Hair Removal

R 200 from
  • Only shave before treamtment
  • No Waxing or Plucking prior to treatment
  • No stubble should be visible
  • No product, cream etc on skin

Body Contouring Treatments

R 1500 from
  • 1 Hour+ Therapy
  • Pricing is per area
  • All body contouring treatments require a consultation
  • Bookings Essential

Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments

R 1500 from
  • Treatment for pigmentation, acne, scars and ageing
  • Little downtime
  • Lamelle Professional Products
  • Lamelle Home Care Products


Frequently Asked Questions

The in-motion treatment, used in conjunction with a clear gel, is virtually pain-free. You can expect the treatment to feel like a hot stone massage. 

The new in-motion technology and lasers kill the hair follicle. With lighter hair, you an expect to do more treatments, but the new technology does work across all hair and skin colour. 

Everyone responds differently. Depending on your skin and hair colour, you can expect anything from 8-12 sessions. *Some people need fewer sessions and some more

Once a month. Your hair cycle takes that long to grow, so you need to have at least 4 weeks but no more than 6 weeks between sessions. 

Yes,  a consultation of your concerns will establish your options. We can manage skin pigmentation with skin peels, microneedling and fraxel treatments. 

A simplified answer is we  take your fatty area and reduce the temperature to below freezing for a period of time. This kills the fat cell, which then exits the body through the lymph drainage system.

At least 3 sessions to see a big difference. Of course a change in lifestyle, food and exercise is recommended as well. 

One of the most effective treatments to do to treat ageing, scaring, fine lines and pigmentation. Fraxel takes 3-4 sessions and is very effective. 

Facial aesthetics surgery treatment Dermapen micro needling Cryolypolysis and Cavitation Bahati Aesthetics Hoedspruit

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