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Luminesce Brightening Cleanse 125ml


Lamelle Luminesce Brightening Cleanse

SKU: Luminesce Cleanser 125


The delightful Luminesce Brightening Cleanse soap-free cleanser is made with yarrow and lemon balm extracts that soothe irritated skin, as well as mallow and peppermint that soften and tone simultaneously. There are also clever pigment-inhibiting peptides inside, designed to become trapped in the skin while you cleanse, from where they influence the pigmentation process.

Main ingredients

Oligopeptide-34, Pentapeptide-15, Mallow and peppermint extracts and Yarrow and lemon balm extracts.

How to use Luminesce Brightening Cleanse

Wet your face with warm water and lather a small amount of the gel into moistened hands.

– Massage gently in circular motions across the entire face, neck and décolleté.

– Rinse thoroughly and pat the skin dry.

– Use morning and evening.


Dark spots, marks, and splotches on your face and skin. Now that’s one thing we can all do without. what’s causing the sudden onset of pigmentation? It affects all of us in different ways – every skin type and colour. There’s an important secret to treating this hyperpigmentation properly.


Dark marks, Mottled pigmentation, Uneven skin colour, Thick make-up application, Hormonal pigmentation (Melasma and Chloasma), Solar pigmentation/Age spots/ Liver marks and Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH).

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