We conduct and administer empowerment workshops that focuses on Self-mastery, Conscious constructive development and  Self-actualization


Our lifestyle coaching sessions focus on Spiritual coaching, Personal transformation and Restoration programs.


We conduct  mental and emotional health retreats which directly influences physical health infused with  exercises, nutritional education and healing sessions


Bahati Life Transformation Strategists and its incorporated charity initiative, Bahati Foundation is owned and managed by Regina Thamaga: a black female who recognizes the vital role that personal growth and social consciousness contributes to achieving greatness in the demanding and fast-paced environments many people find themselves working in today.

Our aim is to empower, restore and uplift our people towards social consciousness, which is vital for creating a vibrant prosperous society in nation building.

We are passionately driven by the desire to unlock the great potential that lies within our inner self, enhancing personal empowerment and unleashing authentic power. Thus our motto: Let Your Light Shine!

We deliver life shifting and outstanding results on an individual, team, and business level, because we guide and support each individual through their own personal transformation and self-mastery process…..the foundation to exceptional team working and leadership.

regina thamaga

About Regina Thamaga

Woman of Note

Spiritually awakened and conscientious woman of note with a passion to empower others, transform lives through the transformation of mind sets  and purposeful living .  Thuma mina – I am the sent.

Passionate Personality

I am a free spirit given the title of : An author, a mother ,a friend, a sister, a wife, spiritual counselor, an author of  Broken into Greatness, a lifestyle designer with a purpose to guide and counsel in this journey of life. Changing lives one at a time in this compassionate journey.

Call To Service

Managing  Parent Company   Bahati Enterprises (Pty) Ltd ( Lifestyle Designers/ Life transformation strategists)  which is linked to  Bahati Foundation which caries out corporate social investment  outreach projects to communities to build vibrant social fabric of our society and families.

"Let Your Light Shine"

My Life Mantra


Rehabilitation & Restoration Services

Rehabilitation & Restoration Services

• Correctional services spiritual counseling • Healing &restoration counseling at rehabilitation center: drug & alcohol rehabilitation centers • Abuse and trauma victim care centers • Energy healing counseling at hospices and health care centers

Empowerment workshops

Empowerment workshops

• Self-mastery • Conscious constructive development • Self actualisation

Life Style Coaching

Life Style Coaching

• Spiritual coaching • Personal transformation • Restoration programmes

Speaker Services

Speaker Services

• Keynote speakers: inspirational and motivational • MC services • Brand activation • Promotional staff : models and cast

Healing Retreats

Healing Retreats

• Trauma counselling • terminal illness patients - spiritual counselling and healing

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